Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Does your home feel like your sanctuary? With a change in seasons, rising temperatures, and increased time at home – summer is a great time to spruce up your interior! Here are some of Belmont Hardware’s favorite decorating tips:

1.  Add Color or Change your Color Palette 

We love adding pops of colors throughout spaces to transition your home into a new season. For summer, the brighter the better! You can switch up your pillow accents, add some bold art, paint your front door, or incorporate anything that adds a focal point of color to your space. Changing up your home’s color palette is one of the easiest ways to add warmth and simply transform your space. 

2.  Use Jewelry for your Home 

Whether it’s your doors, cabinets, or any other place in your home – hardware makes a statement. You can switch up your home’s hardware finishes and styles for the perfect accessory to keep your home on trend. With numerous finish possibilities like copper, nickel, stainless steel, brass, and design styles such as, colonial, victorian, art deco, contemporary and others – there are endless possibilities to spice up your home. A simple change in hardware can add an easy, low-maintenance new look and it is a simple way to keep your home up to date. As we like to say, hardware is the jewelry for your home! 

3.  Switch or Add Lighting Fixtures 

Nothing says summer like a beautiful patio or bright interior! Add lighting throughout your home, especially in dim spaces or on your patio for a nice evening outside. On the topic of lighting – have you seen the mirrors that can illuminate your entire bathroom? These mirrors add style, sophistication and light up your space. You can check out a selection of light-up mirrors here: Lighting is the special touch that can light up any room or space. 

4.  Give Life to your Bathroom 

Bathrooms are a small space that can make a big difference! By switching up your shower curtain, adding bathroom accents and accessories, or changing out old hardware for a new look you can completely transform your bathroom. Belmont Hardware offers a variety of faucet designs such as gold or chrome finishes, pearl embellished or crystal accented, and many more. Guests gravitate to a powder room or bathroom, so ensuring good lighting and charm here makes for a lasting impression. 

5.  Try Some Summer Scents 

This is one easy trick that speaks volumes! Filling your home with a summer scent is contagious to your guests, and to you. Adding floral, citrus, or tropical scents gives character to your house and helps add to the feeling of it being your home. 

6.  Add Personality to your Kitchen 

Food brings people together, so naturally your kitchen is where guests are attracted. You can be a chef in your own home by browsing our line designed for any gourmet cook: This line offers the perfect selection for any host or at home chef. There are also a variety of simple ways to add a breath of fresh air to your kitchen, accentuate it with complimentary appliances and accessories, install a gorgeous new backsplash, or update your faucet to a new design such as a low profile, high-rise, bridge, or widespread – these are just a few of the options you will find at Belmont Hardware. You can visit: for more inspiration and ideas. 

7.  Install a Luxurious Bathtub 

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel and you might never have to leave the house! Whether it is an exquisite freestanding tub, drop-in tub with room for two, or clawfoot tub that even has a wine holder – your home will be the perfect summer escape. If you are feeling like you need the ultimate escape, splurge on the “Hammock Tub” which you can find here: – This is the ultimate vehicle for total escapism. 

So, are your wheels turning with new ideas for your next project? You can pick and choose from any of these simple tips to level up your interior and say hello to warmer temperatures. Now the next problem will be, how do you get your guests to leave? 

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