Bay Living Magazine – August/September 2016 – Watermark Designs

Belmont Hardware is featured in the latest edition of Bay Living Magazine! In this issue read all about the products from Watermark Designs…

WATERMARK DESIGNS – An Endeavor to be Different

“Characterized best by impeccable style, clean aesthetics, industrial tones, and elegant finishes, Watermark Designs’ passion is made obvious in the decorative fixtures they create. For more than three decades, Watermark Designs has been one of the leading manufacturers of decorative plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, lighting and elegant hardware for the luxury commercial and residential markets.

Based in the independent design hub of Brooklyn and made in the USA, Watermark’s designs reflect the creative melting pot from which they hail. Combining sustainable product design with an eye towards architectural detail, Watermark has worked with some of the world’s finest architects and designers, including the renowned Clodagh Design Studio.”

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