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Marzi Sink Factory - Square Bathroom Sink

Marzi Sink Factory - Square Bathroom Sink

XB Square

Dimensions: I.D. 11 1/4" x 11 1/4", O.D. 15 x 15"

Due to the nature of handcrafted ceramics, all dimensions are approximate. Cutout templates are available if used as drop-in only. Please do not attempt to cut from these measurements. This sink has a flat glazed rim. It may be used in an under counter or flush mount installation.

From start to finish, each Marzi basin is created by hand with one client in mind. Each sink moves carefully through the factory. We take great pride in each part of the process and pay attention to all the details. The sink is poured, cleaned and dried until it is ready for bisque firing. All of Marzi's sinks are unique individual pieces, matched in color and pattern to the exact specifications demanded by decorators and discriminating clients. Each is completely manufactured by hand, regardless if you order white, or highly decorated sink, every process personally supervised by the Marzi family.The results reflect the commitment of Marzi Sinks: To bring to your home that which can only come from the hands of the true artisan, the unmistakable essence of good taste -- inspired individuality.


  • 42 is "Cool White" This is our standard glossy cool white finish and has a slight blue tint.
  • 48 is "Bisque" This is our standard glossy off white finish and is comparable and complimentary to Kohler® Biscuit.
  • 75 is "Parchment" This Glossy finish is an off white slightly darker than 48 Bisque.
  • 79 is "Bright White" This Glossy opaque finish is the brightest of the Marzi whites and compliments Kohler® White 001.
  • 83 is "Matte Bisque" This is a standard matte off white and is comparable and complimentary to Kohler® Biscuit Satin.
  • 84 is "Cool White Matte" This is our standard matte cool white and is comparable and complimentary to Kohler® White Satin.

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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