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We specialize in hardware for major international architecture projects and know full well what you lay store by: systemic expertise covering all hardware requirements for the operation of doors and windows.

This approach likewise applies unrestrictedly to FSB's involvement at international level, which is geared towards the global public project business with its focus on the whole door. The handle's many layers of significance as a) extension of the human hand and b) interface between people and architecture continues to point the way for us to this end.

FSB has won many awards for outstanding design and was the first makers of door and window hardware to be represented in the permanent exhibition at New York's Museum of Modern Art. It is a company that marries looks of the highest order to the lasting dependability of its products functions, engineering and quality.

Products: The FSB hardware program embraces all components for system-driven door planning - and is certainly no random jumble of formally and visually disparate individual products.

The FSB range includes door lever handles with standard, heavy-duty and fire-safety bearings as well as hinges, locks plus lock cylinders and, of course, window handles and accessory products such as door stops and finger plates.

Door Hardware Components & Functions: Locksets; Lever, Knob & Trim Designs; Sliding Door Hardware; Door Pulls & Glass Door Hardware; Hinges; Components; Window Handles; METRIC Bath Accessories; Accessories

Multiple Finishes Available


Right from the start, aluminum has been used as a high-tech material, when light weight and high durability are required. Especially in the second half of the 20th century, aluminum started its triumphal advance into interior design and into design in general. Its technological mystique together with its silvery, glittering surface opened up new horizons in the use of metal in interior design. At FSB this started with the designs by Johannes Potentes in the 1950s. Still today, the expertise which we gained at the time in the machining of aluminum is the basis of all of FSB's families of handles made of this wonderful material.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is outstanding in its suitability for door and window fittings as its surface is extremely resistant to corrosion, even when very roughly treated its scarcely shows traces of dents or scratches, its shows little wear even in continuous use and, above all due to the additional alloys of chrome and nickel, it requires very little care. An invisible passive layer forms on its surface which is even supposed to have bactericidal properties. We recommend stainless steel door and window fittings for all heavily used doors.


For four decades, FSB has offered selected door and window fittings and their accessories in brass. Apart from door and window fittings, our product range includes handles for entrance doors including accessories. Brass fittings are offered in a variety of alloys and for a variety of prices in the market. However, not everything that shines like gold is made of real brass. But from us, it is. We exclusively use copper-zinc alloys defined in DIN 17 660 as CuZn 37, material numbers 2.0321 or 2.0335.


Fittings made of bronze develop a certain radiance as years go by. The patina of use results in a particular aesthetic charm. Bronze parts darken in the air and due to environmental influences. Patina should not be understood as damaging the material. It is rather a sign of credible aging and profiting from change. Bronze is not a material which is not used up, it is just used.

Owing to the increasing occurrence or antibiotic-resistant germs, FSB's bronze takes on a new significance owing to its bactericide effect. Critical studies in the USA and in Great Britain show that bacteria on copper alloy surfaces are 99.9% killed off after two hours at the latest. As a result of this fact this characteristic of the copper alloy used by FSB, called CuSn8 (UNS designation C52100) has been officially taken up by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) into US building regulations, US registration number 82012-2.

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