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Fersa Design

Fersa Design specializes in a variety of decorative door hardware products. The product line includes many different levers, knobs, and much more in a variety of: styles, finishes, shapes, and sizes.

Door Hardware Categories Include: Levers, Rim Locks, Hinges, Door Pulls, Surface Bolts, Door Stops, Knobs, Knockers, Covers for hinges, Privacy Trims, Door Bells, Stair Endings, Escutcheons, Paumelles, Finials, Latch Pulls, Cremones, Rosettes, Covers for Paumelles, Window Fastners, Flush Pulls, Espagnolettes

Lever Styles Include: Adam, III Empire, Early 20th Century, Haussman, Regency, Spanish, Italian Renaissance, Georgian-Anne, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Reed & Ribbon, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Gothic, Art Nouveau

Knob Styles Include: Adam, Early 20th Century, Art Deco, Francis I, Bauhaus, Georgian-Anne, Art Nouveau, Haussman, III Empire, Louis XVI, Spanish, Italian Renaissance, Patagonia, Stone, Louis XIV, Reed and Ribbon, Louis XV, Regency

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