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Purity predominates in modern, minimalist architecture. Clean technical details enhance the overall picture. While in traditional houses doors are often given an undeserved and noticeable place due to their structural build-up, most of the case this is not the purpose in modern architecture. Hiding hinges and door frames is possible with the concealed argenta® invisible neo hinges and the invisiframe®, an invisible aluminium frame. These solutions offer the opportunity to enhance the overall project while making complicated architectural details, sleek and simple.

Invisible neo - the invisible design hinge

  • The argenta® invisible neo is a series of concealed hinges with an exceptionally high and sublime finish: not a single screw is visible and these hinges are available in different finishes such as matt chrome, chrome glossy, stainless steel look and black umber.
  • These hinges can be fixed in an easy, flexible and quick way thanks to the unique height adjustment system: you no longer require wedges to place under the door when adjusting the height.
  • The patented built-in ?Easy-Hook®? system ensures that the door can be installed in the frame and adjusted by just one person. The hinge?s casing can already be installed in the door in the workshop.

Invisible aluminium frame for interior doors - invisiframe®

  • Thanks to an ingenious aluminium interior door frame, it is possible to achieve integrated doors in walls with a frameless appearance. With the invisiframe® the door is lined up perfectly along the wall allowing architects to create clean lines.
  • The frame is designed to support a fully plastered finish. The alignment of the door is achieved using the concealed 3D adjustable hinges argenta® invisible neo M-6.

argenta®close - Self-closing spring hinge

  • Today?s architectural challenges ask for specific solutions, especially for reducing energy loss: our perfect solution is the self-closing spring hinge ?argenta® close?.
  • The argenta® close 89/89A is an aluminium hinge with built-in spring system (from stainless spring steel). Thanks to this spring system, the door will close automatically and energy loss, resulting from open doors, is avoided. Replacing a standard hinge (with the same dimensions) or an argenta® hinge 89/89A with an argenta® close 89/89A is very easy and fast.

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